How to draw your targeted audience to your website

Website traffic is one of the most common challenges that I have heard from my clients. How can you generate more views to your website?

This blog is an attempt to help provide some insight on how to draw your targeted audience to your website and generate sales.

While some of these strategies won't be a quick fix, you may be surprised how quickly you will generate results.

1. Focus on long-tail key words

The days of focusing on a single word for each page is forgotten. Make sure you social media posts include relevant terms related to the topic of your post. Draw your viewers in, capture their interest.

Make sure you at least have the chance of being found for all your relevant keywords, no matter how obscure they may be.

2. Start a Facebook page that will drive traffic to your site

Start a specific business page where members can ask questions and get support, don't forget to draw them back to your websites content so they can see what is available. Be sure to include links back to your site in your "About Me" page, in your photo descriptions, in the comments of your posts and in your milestones. This will all generate traffic.

3. Work on your headlines

Your headlines are what will get peoples attention, make sure you are particular and your posts are relevant to what you trying to convey. Reach out to your viewers, ask them leading questions, give them the chance to ask a question in return...again, engage them.

4. Optimize your existing posts

Go through your old posts to make sure they have unique and relevant title tags, URLS and meta descriptions

5. Post more frequently

It has been shown that if you post high quality post 5-6 times per week website traffic increased by 18.6% Find your magic number and commit to seeing it through. Remember in many cases, the traffic increase you see from social media posting are scalable. See what works on any given day of the week. Use that as a guide to posting on particular days and at certain times.

6. Respond to comments in a timely manner

There is nothing worse than posting on your social media platform, engaging a customer/viewers and then leaving them wondering. Be quick with your response, let them know you are there to provide information when requested. Be sure to list your websites address so they are drawn to click on the link.

7. Focus your energy on strategies that are working

You don't have to do what everyone else is doing. Study your analytics to see what your main traffic drivers are and focus your energy on these areas. If Facebook is working then focus on that. Try test posting on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, but be sure to refer back to your analytics to see what is working best for that customer/client.

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