Professional Job vs. Dream Job

Who can relate with the struggle between the daily routine of a professional job and the yearning to solely dedicate your time to a dream job?

I haven't posted on my blog for almost two and a half months due to my professional life being thrust into overdrive. I have been working with a company for the last eight years and have enjoyed the people I work with (for the most part). I have learned a great deal about the industry but have always felt like I was not as valued as I had hoped. Although my daily duties could be restructured at any moment my dedication is what has always prevailed. My father once said, "work hard for what you need, work harder for what you want", I have truly lived by those words.

This past year I was told the company that I had been working for was selling; I went through every kind of emotion you could imagine. I was happy for the current owners as they had worked hard for so many years and they would have the chance to retire. I was insecure of my future with the company that we would be merging with. I was scared of the unknown. I was disappointed in the lack of communication. I was excited for change (that is not normal for me, I can be very content in my surroundings).

The most important emotion of all was the feeling of freedom; I could start a business that I had been studying. That is when I made the decision to start my business, I have read books, taken courses, watched vlogs, read blogs and felt as if the industry was calling me.

Although my success is slow to start my drive and determination is what is keeping the fire lit within me.

My absence from my blog is due to working 70+ hour weeks, traveling for work and working six days a week with the new company, yet still trying to maintain my business and a home.

The passion I have for marketing is in comparison to that of a child in a candy shop. I see an ad and I think about how it affects the public, what are the pro's and con's to the posts? How is it driving traffic to the clients websites? How could I market that product a little differently? The questions that go through my mind while looking at paperback ad's, commercials, social media ad's, and vlogs.

If I could take the time to dedicate my life to marketing I would, I know some of you are saying, "you can, just do it". Let's go back to the sentence above were I mention my dedication, I am and always will be a team player. I work well under pressure and often thrive on it. Deadlines can be my nemesis but it also pushes me to my professional limits. I enjoy doing what I do in my professional life, I enjoy the newfound support group within the new corporation. The hours seem to rob me of precious time but I keep telling myself that I will get through it. I have hope that the process of the merge will start to slow down and I can get back to what I look forward to; my dream job!

So if you know of someone or are someone that is looking for a social media marketing representative please feel free to contact me. I would love to discuss the possibility of working with you/for you.

"Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun" - Albert Einstein

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